Merry Christmas Pearls!...

Hey pearls!
I am wishing you all my faithful readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 
It has truly been a great year as i have grown personally and i am now more aware of what is important in life.

You meet so many people in life, and make new friends, both temporary and permanent. I am glad i learnt my lessons in 2011, and i don't ever want to be taken for granted again due to the good i have done for some people. The best thing about life is that what goes around, surely comes around and the last time i had girl drama was in high school, sigh! .

Girls talk man, it ain't no joke, and they all smiles when they see you, hahaha... good thing i focus on the most important things in my life and that is my husband, mom and sisters.

That is why this festive season is all about family to me, 2012 will be my year of success and big dreams. Until then i will eat, pray and love abundantly.

Been fun blogging this year and i will try to post whatever i can in these few remaining days.

Much Love Pearls!....