My time to stretch exams are finally over

I am totally loving the stockings, like totally ummhhhh a christmas gift to myself someday. I had a period of madness as i was prepping up for exams with my usual excuse, " too much to read with little time".
And today im glad its over, no more exams for me from University however my project paper will give me much more stress. Fall semester was a great semester for me as a friendship grew, i made more friends with lesser enemies. yeeiiiiii for me.
I had a roommate who i will never forget and those memories will forever be with me. Im sitting at the airport now and i can't believe how fast time has flown, though its good anyways i am looking forward to ending 2011 and im looking forward to a blessed 2012 filled with success and positive energy.

Over and out Pearls until..... tomorrow maybe.